Affordable Housing Cost Study
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The California Housing Finance Agency (“CalHFA”) along with the California Department of Housing and Community Development ("HCD"), the California Tax Credit Allocation Committee ("TCAC"), and the California Debt Limit Allocation Committee ("CDLAC") are undertaking a large scale, affordable housing development cost study within California. This web page includes information about this study, along with opportunities for public participation.

The study involves the collection of cost data, a cost elements comparison analysis, and an identification of project cost trends. This information will facilitate a rigorous analysis designed to produce a comprehensive report on affordable multifamily rental housing costs. An additional component of the study is to develop policy issues and options for the evaluation, monitoring and containment of these development costs to better promote the supply of affordable housing.

  • "What’s New" – This link will provide updated information about the project status and milestones.
  • Request for Proposal - (Adobe PDF) – This document provides the need and outlines the overall study questions for the Affordable Housing Cost Study.
  • Advisory Committee List - (Adobe PDF) – The names and affiliations of Advisory Committee members.
  • Vendor Information: Blue Sky - (Adobe PDF) – Information about the background and expertise of the consultants selected to conduct the study.
  • Project Timeline – this document lists the project tasks and timeline.
  • Peer Reviewer(s) - (Adobe PDF) – Biographic information of peer reviewer(s) and their tasks. Biographic information of peer reviewer(s) and their tasks.
  • Email Us Data and information: Please use this email address to submit information about available databases and other housing project specific data to aid in answering the overall study questions: Email Us
  • Bibliography of Affordable Housing Cost Studies

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