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Organization Title
The Factory-Built Housing Program


Important Information

Information Bulletin 2013-03 (FBH) – 2013 California Building Standards Code Effective Date for Factory-built Housing (FBH) – (Adobe PDF)

California State Fire Marshal Information Bulletin: National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) Interim Safety Alert Regarding Antifreeze in Residential Sprinklers – (Adobe PDF)

National Fire Protection Association (NFPA): Updated Safety Alert Regarding Antifreeze in Residential Sprinkler Systems (August 18, 2010) – (Adobe PDF)

Info Sheet on Mold and Water Damage – (Adobe PDF)

About the Factory-Built Housing Program

Mission Statement
Program Purpose
Program Description
Program History
Program Laws and Regulations

Third-Party Agency Information

List of Third-Party Agencies – (Adobe PDF) (Revised 11/2016)
QAA-DAA Application Approval/Renewal Forms
Code Matrix – (Adobe PDF)
Form – Notice of Third-Party Contract – (Adobe PDF)

General Information

Insignia of Approval
Frequently Asked Questions – (FBH) – (Adobe PDF)
Frequently Asked Questions – (Title 24 CCR)
Fees effective January 2006 – (Adobe PDF)

Information Bulletins, Booklets and Publications

Information Bulletins
Informational Booklet for Local Government – (Adobe PDF)
Factory-Built Housing Pamphlet – (Adobe PDF)
State Housing Law Information Bulletins
A Guide to California Housing Construction Codes (Title 24 and Application of Title 25) – (Adobe PDF)
Cross-Linked Polyethylene Flexible Plastic Pipe (PEX) Exclusion Removed – (Redirects to California Building Standards Commission website) – (Adobe PDF)
2013 California Building Standards Code Supplement Building Standards Information Bulletin 14-08 – (Adobe PDF)


Meeting Notices and Rulemaking Documents