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Organization Title
The Factory-Built Housing Program


Important Information

Information Bulletin 2013-03 (FBH) – 2013 California Building Standards Code Effective Date for Factory-built Housing (FBH) – (Adobe PDF)

California State Fire Marshal Information Bulletin: National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) Interim Safety Alert Regarding Antifreeze in Residential Sprinklers

National Fire Protection Association (NFPA): Updated Safety Alert Regarding Antifreeze in Residential Sprinkler Systems (August 18, 2010) – (Adobe PDF)

Info Sheet on Mold and Water Damage – (Adobe PDF)

About the Factory-Built Housing Program

Mission Statement
Program Purpose
Program Description
Program History
Program Laws and Regulations

Third Party Agency Information

List of Third-Party Agencies(Adobe PDF) (Revised 10/2014)
QAA-DAA Application Approval/Renewal Forms
Code Matrix(Adobe PDF)
Form – Notice of Third Party Contract(Adobe PDF)

General Information

Insignia of Approval
Frequently Asked Questions
Fees effective January 2006(Adobe PDF)

Information Bulletins, Booklets and Publications

Information Bulletins
Informational Booklet for Local Government(Adobe PDF)
Factory-Built Housing Pamphlet (Adobe PDF)
State Housing Law Information Bulletins
A Guide to California Housing Construction Codes (Title 24 and Application of Title 25)(Adobe PDF)
Cross-Linked Polyethylene Flexible Plastic Pipe (PEX) Exclusion Removed – (Redirects to California Building Standards Commission website) — (Adobe PDF)
2013 California Building Standards Code Supplement Building Standards Information Bulletin 14-08 – (Adobe PDF)


Meeting Notices