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The Manufactured Housing Program

The Manufactured Housing Program

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Important Information

The Manufactured Housing Program offers information on the following subject items:

About The Manufactured Housing Program
Program Description
Program History
Program Laws and Regulations (Updated 4/1/2013)
State Administrative Agency

Insignia of Approval Issuance and Replacement

Replacement Insignia Process
Insignia Inspection
Insignia Approval

Third-Party Agency Information

Third Parties
Third-Party Certifications
Third-Party Agency Monthly Reporting Procedure — (Adobe PDF)
Inspector Certifications of Approval
Code Matrix – (Adobe PDF)
List of Third-Party Agencies – (Adobe PDF) (Revised 06/2016)
Form – Notice of Third-Party Contract – (Adobe PDF)

Information Bulletins, Booklets and Publications:

Information Bulletins
Informational Booklet
Information on Manufactured Home Construction and Sales – (Adobe PDF)
Guide to Affordable Manufactured Housing Best Practices – (Adobe PDF)
HUD Manufactured Home Manufacturer Responsibilities for Consumer Complaint Handling and Remedial Actions – (Adobe PDF)
HUD Manufactured Home Retailer and Distributor Responsibilities Under the Federal Manufactured Housing Program – (Adobe PDF)
Distinguishing a Park Trailer From a Manufactured Home – (Adobe PDF)

Commercial Modular/Special-Purpose Commercial Modular Information

2013 California Building Standards Code – Supplement Building Standards Information Bulletin 14-08 – (Adobe PDF)

Approved Regulations

Manufactured Housing Construction Standards Update for Commercial Modulars and Special Purpose Commercial Modulars – (Adobe PDF) or (Microsoft Word) (Effective Date: 03/31/2012)
Summary of Changes to Commercial Modular and Special Purpose Commercial Modular Regulations / Information Bulletin 2011-06 – (Adobe PDF)
Commercial Modular (CM) and Special Purpose Commercial Modular Amended Design and Construction Standards FAQs / Information Bulletin 2012-01 – (Adobe PDF)
Building Standards Commission – CALGreen Resources

Manufactured Housing/Multifamily Manufactured Homes

Approved Regulations

Manufactured Housing Regulations – Effective 4/1/2013

Chapter 3, Sections 4011, 4040, 4041.5, and 4050; Recently Amended and Adopted Sections – (Adobe PDF) or (Microsoft Word)

Manufactured Housing Fire-Life Safety

Chapter 3, Subchapter 2; Recently Amended and Adopted Sections – (Adobe PDF) or (Microsoft Word)
California Residential Code / California Code of Regulations / T24, Part 2.5 / Section R315(Adobe PDF)
Information Bulletin 2012-03 (MH) – Carbon Monoxide Device Installation in New & Used Manufactured Homes; Amended Ignition Resistant Construction Rules – (Adobe PDF)

Fire Sprinkler System Information:

Information Bulletin 2013-06 (MH) – Manufactured Home, Mobilehome, and Multifamily Manufactured Housing Fire Sprinkler Systems – (Adobe PDF)

Manufactured Home, Mobilehome and Multifamily Manufactured Homes – Fire Sprinkler Systems Regulations
Summary of Changes to Fire Sprinkler Systems Regulations / Information Bulletin 2011-03 – (Adobe PDF)
Manufactured Home Fire Sprinkler Systems: CCR, Title 25, Article 2.5 – (Adobe PDF) or (Microsoft Word)

Alternate Approval: Fire Sprinkler Waterflow Alarm – (Adobe PDF)

California State Fire Marshal Information Bulletin: National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) Interim Safety Alert Regarding Antifreeze in Residential Sprinklers – (Adobe PDF)
National Fire Protection Association (NFPA): Updated Safety Alert Regarding Antifreeze in Residential Sprinkler Systems (August 18, 2010) – (Adobe PDF)
Manufactured Home Fire Sprinkler Systems – Resource Page

Wildland-Urban Interface (WUI) Areas: Standards, Regulations, and Information

Manufactured Home, Mobilehome Alteration and Permit Requirements:

Alteration and Permit Guidelines – (Adobe PDF)
415 – Manufactured Housing Permit Application – (Adobe PDF)

Additional Manufactured Housing Program Forms & Consumer Information:

About the Federal Manufactured Housing Dispute Resolution Program

Information Bulletin – (Adobe PDF)

General Information

Alteration Plan Approval and Inspection
Manufactured Home Recovery Fund
Manufactured Home and Mobilehome Fireplace and Fireplace Stove FAQs – (Adobe PDF)
Validity of Local Ordinances to Mobilehome Park Conversions and the Installation of Manufactured Homes — (Adobe PDF)

How to Report to HCD the Installation of Manufactured Homes, Mobilehomes, and Multifamily Manufactured Homes:

Responsibilities of a Manufacturer, Dealer or Local Enforcement Agency During the Sale and Installation of:


Manufactured Housing: Federal Preemptive Authority

Federal Law: 42 USCS Sec 604(d) Supremacy of Federal Standards – (Adobe PDF)
Federal Preemption of CA Lead-Free Plumbing Standards – (Adobe PDF)
Permission to Establish MH Standards for Fire Sprinklers – (Adobe PDF)
Permission to Establish MH Ignition Resistant Standards – (Adobe PDF)
Permission to Establish MH Standards for Seismic Bracing of Water Heaters – (Adobe PDF)


Questions about 433 A, B, C forms – (Adobe PDF)
Example of Registration Decal – (Adobe PDF)
Example of Insignia – (Adobe PDF)
Example of HUD Certification Label – (Adobe PDF)


415 - Manufactured Housing Permit Application – (Adobe PDF)
416 - Application for Replacement Insignia
416 - Application for Replacement Insignia (Spanish) – (Adobe PDF)
425 - Insignia Affix Instructions – (Adobe PDF)
425 - Insignia Affix Instructions (Spanish) – (Adobe PDF)
433A - Notice of MH, CM Installation on a Foundation System (HSC 18551) – (Adobe PDF)
433B - Notice to Assessor – (Adobe PDF)
433C -Notice of MH Conversion Fixture Improvements to Real Property – (Adobe PDF)
440 - Request for Insignia by QAA – (Adobe PDF)
527 – Manufactured Housing Electrical Load Worksheet – (Adobe PDF)
604 - Manufactured Home Alterations and Permit Guidelines – (Adobe PDF)

The following documents and links are from organizations outside the Department of Housing and Community Development. They are posted here for your convenience and do not represent an endorsement by this Department. If you have concerns or questions regarding these sites or their content, please contact that website’s administrator directly.

Consumer Site:

Grissim Guides to Manufactured Homes and Land

Industry Sites/Additional Resources:

California Manufactured Housing Institute (CMHI)
Modular Building Institute (MBI)
Manufactured Housing as a Metropolitan Housing Solution – (Adobe PDF)
Corporation for Enterprise Development (CFED) – Resource Directory (Resources/Publications Regarding Manufactured Housing Homeownership)

Consumer Alert!  Manufactured Home Buyers, Beware of Internet Sales and Out of State Sellers!
Consumer Alert! Manufactured Home Buyers — Beware of Internet Sales and Out of State Sellers! – (Adobe PDF)