Replacement Insignia Process

An insignia of approval symbolizes that the unit complies with the code and standard in effect at the time that the insignia of approval was issued. The HCD insignia measures 1.5" X 3", is dark red or black for either a commercial modular or a special purpose commercial modular. All California insignias also have a imprinted number. Insignias are attached to the unit at the time that they are manufactured or replaced if lost or damaged beyond recognition. The law requires that they be attached at all times, especially prior to the initial sale or resale of the unit. A color brochure that graphically demonstrates these insignias may be found within the Insignia of Approval Information Booklet.

  • A request is made to the Manufactured Housing Section by submitting a form HCD-416 and a $83.00 fee for each transportable section.
  • If the form is not fully filled-out or if the information is not discernible, it is returned with instructions for re-submittal.
  • Utilizing the form's data, Department records are researched to establish if there is any record of original insignia issuance.
  • If original issuance is found, the replacement insignia is issued. If no record is found after, at least a second search, the application is sent to one of our field offices with a request for an inspection. The purpose of the inspection is to ensure that the unit that is to be inspected still complies with the requisite standard. If the unit complies, the insignia is issued. If it does not, compliance must be achieved prior to issuance of a replacement insignia.

How long does this process take? It all depends on a variety of factors; i.e., does the application need additional information to process, what is the current replacement request tally (requests tend to vary with time), is there a need to research, is there a need to inspect the unit, etc.

What kind of problems are typically encountered? Two problems top the list, 1) the application form is incomplete, which includes the fees and 2) There is a need for research and the records at hand are incomplete. These problems elongate the issuance of the replacement insignia. What can be done to avoid these problems? Again, make sure that the application form is fully filled out and that the insignia fee is enclosed.

Is there anything else to know about? Yes. California Health and Safety Code Section 18026 requires manufactured homes either bear a HUD label or a Department insignia prior to Sale, rent or lease in California. In other words, the label or insignia must be affixed to the unit prior to offering it for sale, rent or lease. Not to do so constitutes a misdemeanor violation of California law.

If anyone has any questions, whom may they contact? Insignia replacement questions are answered by: Manufactured Housing Section (916) 445-3338

HCD 416 Application for Replacement Insignia(Microsoft Word) or (Adobe PDF)