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Division of Codes and Standards
 Occupational Licensing - licensing, education and Manufactured Home Recovery Fund (occupational_licensing)
Mobilehome/Special Occupancy Parks - construction, use, maintenance and occupancy (mobilehome_special_occupancy)
Employee Housing - maintenance, use, operation and occupancy (employee_housing)
Registration and Titling - title, registration, renewals, tax clearances, and transfers(registration_titling)
Manufactured Housing Program - design, construction, alteration and conversion, third-party enforcement  (manufactured_housing)
Factory Built Housing Program - design and construction, third-party enforcement (factory_built_housing)

State Housing Law Program - new construction, maintenance, use, occupancy, repair, alteration, moving and demolition
Part 2 Building Code (building_code)
Part 2.5 Residential Code (residential_code)
Part 3 Electrical Code (electrical_code)
Part 4 Mechanical Code (mechanical_code)
Part 5 Plumbing Code (plumbing_code)
Part 11 Green Building Code (green_building_code)
Accessibility (accessibility)
Title 25 Use and Maintenance Standards (use_maintenance)

Housing Planning & Policy Related Technical Assistance, Resources & HCD Information Services
 State Housing Element Law - technical assistance memos, legislation updates, housing and land use (housing_element)
Redevelopment - annual reporting information on use of low-moderate housing funds; updates and resources (rda)
HCD Highlights Newsletter (hcd_highlights)
HCD Web News - electronic clipping service of California and national housing and community development news (webnews)
Housing Resource Center - electronic bibliographies on land use and housing topics (resource_center)
Catalyst Projects for Sustainable Communities - innovative strategies by designated Catalyst Projects to incentivize sustainable communities to increase affordable housing supply while reducing green house gas emissions (catalyst)

Rental Housing Development and Infrastructure Programs (State Funded)
Veterans Housing and Homeless Prevention - affordable rental housing for veterans (vets)
Affordable Housing and Sustainable Communities (AHSC) Program - implements Greenhouse Gas Reduction Fund Program for the Strategic Growth Council (ahsc)
Infill Infrastructure Grant and TOD Housing - infrastructure and higher-density housing (infill_tod)
Multifamily Housing Programs (MHP) - affordable rental housing for general, supportive housing, homeless youth populations (mhp)
Housing Related Parks Program - grants for localities based on housing production (parks)
Joe Serna Jr. Farmworker Housing Grant - affordable rental housing for farmworkers (serna_rental)

Rental Housing - Asset Management and Compliance (State Funded) existing borrowers/grantees & management agents
AMC - CALDAP (amc_caldap)
AMC - CHRP-R, SUHRP, SERA (amc_chrp_suhrp_sera)
AMC - DPRLP (amc_dprlp)
AMC - Housing Loan Conversion Program/SB 707, extensions for DPRLP, RHCP-O, SUHRP (amc_hlcp_sb707)
AMC - MHP Programs, FMTW, FWHG, Serna, TOD (amc_mhp_fmtw_fwhg_serna_tod)
AMC - MPROP (amc_mprop)
AMC - RHCP-B, FHDP (amc_rhcp-b_fhdp)
AMC - RHCP-O, RHCP-RRA (amc_rhcp-o_rhcp-rra)

Homeownership Programs (State Funded) - funds not directly to individuals
BEGIN, CALHOME, Self-Help Housing, Serna (state_homeownership)

Other State Financial Assistance Programs
Enterprise Zones - tax incentives to businesses (enterprize_zone)
Golden State Acquisition Fund - acquisition loans for developers provided thru a nonprofit fund manager (gsaf)
 Local Housing Trust Fund Program (lhtf)
Mobilehome Park Resident Ownership Program (mprop)
Predevelopment Loan Program (predevelopment)

Homeless Shelter and Prevention Programs
EHAP CD, ESG, FESG, HPRP and similar programs (homeless)

HOME Program
HOME - Community Housing Development Organizations (home_chdo)
HOME - Homeownership (home_homeownership)
HOME - Long Term Monitoring (home_monitoring)
HOME - Rental Project Development and TBRA (home_rental_development)

Community Development Block Grant Program & Neighborhood Stabilization Program 
CDBG Economic Development Program - Enterprise Fund, Over-the-Counter and Planning and Technical Assistance (cdbg_ed)
CDBG Community Development Program - Community Development, Planning and Technical Assistance, Native American and Colonia (cdbg_general)
Disaster Recovery Initiatives (disaster_recovery)
Neighborhood Stabilization Program - Affordable Rental Housing, Homeownership (nsp)