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The GMM Purpose, Use and Overview - Revised January, 2011!(Adobe PDF)

Eligibility and Income Determination – See new Income Determination Manual


Chapter 1 Understanding the CDBG Contract

Chapter 2 Program Operators

Chapter 3 Environmental Review Requirements - Revised March, 2015

Chapter 4 Equal Opportunity and Fair Housing

Chapter 5 Labor Standards - Currently Under Revision! If you would like to comment on Chapter, email:

Chapter 6 Relocation and Acquisition

Chapter 7 Accounting and Recordkeeping

Chapter 8 Procurement

Chapter 9 Funds Request

Chapter 10 Reporting

Chapter 11 OMB Circular A-133 Single Audit Report - Revised October, 2012

Chapter 12 Monitoring - 2013

Chapter 13 Grant Closeout

Chapter 14 Program Income and Revolving Loan Fund

Chapter 15 Economic Development - Microenterprise

Chapter 16 Housing Rehabilitation

Chapter 17 Homebuyer Assistance

Chapter 18 Citizen Participation

Chapter 19 Asset and Property Management

Chapter 20 Lead Based Paint Requirements

Chapter 21 Economic Development - Business Assistance - Currently Under Revision!

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