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CDBG Program - Grant Management Manual (GMM)


CDBG Program Activities:

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The GMM Purpose, Use and Overview - Revised January, 2011!(Adobe PDF)

Eligibility and Income Determination – See new Income Determination Manual


Chapter 1 Understanding the CDBG Contract

Chapter 2 Program Operators

Chapter 3 Environmental Review Requirements - Revised August, 2015

Chapter 4 Equal Opportunity and Fair Housing

Chapter 5 Labor Standards - Currently Under Revision! If you would like to comment on Chapter, email:

Chapter 6 Relocation and Acquisition

Chapter 7 Accounting and Recordkeeping

Chapter 8 Procurement- Revised April, 2015

Chapter 9 Funds Request

Chapter 10 Reporting

Chapter 11 OMB Circular A-133 Single Audit Report - Revised October, 2012

Chapter 12 Monitoring - Revised 2013

Chapter 13 Grant Closeout

Chapter 14 Program Income and Revolving Loan Fund

Chapter 15 Economic Development - MicroenterpriseRevised September, 2013

Chapter 16 Housing Rehabilitation

Chapter 17 Homebuyer Assistance

Chapter 18 Citizen Participation

Chapter 19 Asset and Property Management

Chapter 20 Lead Based Paint Requirements

Chapter 21 Economic Development - Business Assistance - New! April, 2015

Contact Information:

Any questions and concerns regarding this monitoring chapter should be directed to