Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) Program Redesign


For redesign questions or inquiries,
please contact:
Jeri Amendola, HCDR II
(916) 263-2305

Redesign Overview

The Department commenced CDBG Program Redesign efforts in July 2017, prompted by the passage of California Senate Bill 106 (SB106). This bill requires the Department to assess its current CDBG program regulations and operations through an open and transparent process with internal and external stakeholders. The goal of the redesign is determine how best to address budgetary constraints, improve a very low program expenditure rate and reduce excessively high unspent program income balances. To capture the redesign efforts to date, the Department provides the following resources and accomplishments:

Resource Documents

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Dates Agenda Meeting Summaries
August 28, 2017 Agenda (PDF) Meeting Summary (PDF)
October 6, 2017 Agenda (PDF) Meeting Summary (PDF)
November 17, 2017 Agenda (PDF) Meeting Summary (PDF)
December 8, 2017 Agenda (PDF) Meeting Summary (PDF)
January 19, 2018 Agenda (PDF) Meeting Summary (PDF)
February 9, 2018 Agenda (PDF) Meeting Summary (PDF)
March 21-22, 2018 Agenda (PDF) Meeting Summary (PDF)
May 11, 2018 Agenda (PDF) Coming Soon
June 8, 2018 Coming Soon Coming Soon
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