All Rental Projects’ Reporting Requirements

Each rental project is governed by the rules in place at the time the funds were awarded or at the time the program came under the Uniform Multifamily Regulations through code, regulation, or guidelines, and by the rules governing any subsequent awards or transactions.  Each program is slightly different; however, there are some requirements that apply to all rental projects.  Check Program-Specific Compliance for additional requirements.  All rental projects are required to submit the following documents, reports, and schedules via e-mail.

  1. Annual Operating Budgets* (XLS) and schedules of rental income (XLS) no more than 60 days before the beginning of the fiscal year;
  2. Annual Reports (XLS) no later than 60 days (for CHRP-R, CALDAP. DPRLP, DDS, MPRROP, SUHRP, and SERA) or no later than 90 days (for all other programs) after the end of the fiscal year.  Projects required to submit audited financial statements are not required to submit fiscal annual report forms but must submit the audited financial statement within 90 days of the end of the fiscal year.  The instructions for this report contain program-specific additional requirements;
  3. Programs listed in the Audited Financial Statements Handbook (PDF) require audited financial statements, and all projects that have been restructured under the Housing Loan Conversion Program (HLCP) or the Loan Portfolio Restructuring Program (LPRP) are required to submit audited financial statements;  
  4. Evidence of annual renewal certificates of required insurance (PDF) prior to expiration of coverage must be submitted annually to your AMC representative.
  5. Reserve Withdrawal Requests (XLS) are due no later than 45 days after the fiscal year in which the expenses were incurred and prior to withdrawing funds.  Refer to the Replacement Reserve Guidelines (PDF) for additional information.  Requests must be submitted to your AMC representative.

*Annual report forms are also available as separate documents as follows:  Checklist and Certification(XLS), AMC 182—Reserve and Other Account Balances(XLS), AMC 184—Sponsor’s Project Rating (XLS), CHRP-R/SUHRP 183—Interest Payment Summary(XLS), and CHRP-R/SUHRP 184—Occupancy and Rent Schedule (XLS).

Check Grants Forms across all programs for more information.