Program-Specific Compliance Requirements

In addition to the requirements for All Rental Housing Projects, the following program-specific requirements must also be met:

State Recipients who made loans to HOME rental projects have their own long-term monitoring requirements.  Resources are available here to assist SRs in their monitoring efforts, including Income Calculation Guide, required forms, and sample checklists, letters, and other documents. 


Management Memos


Sample Monitoring Checklists

Sample Letters


Long-Term Monitoring of State Recipients

  1. AMC 187 - Special Needs Populations, Homeless Youth and Governors Homeless Initiative Report (XLS) (must be submitted if project requires any units to be restricted to Special Needs Populations, Homeless Youth, or if Governor's Homeless Initiative units are identified in Exhibit B of the HCD Regulatory Agreement):  MHP, GHI, HYMHP
  2. MHP Lease Addendum (DOC) (Must be attached as an addendum to all Assisted Unit rental agreements whenever the lease addendum is modified):  MHP, MHPDRP, GHI, HYMHP, SHMHP
  3. Third-Party Homeless Verification form (DOC):  MHP, GHI, HYMHP, SHMHP
  4. Third-Party Disability Verification for Supportive Housing Projects (DOC):  MHP, GHI, HYMHP, SHMHP
  5. AMC 185 - Supportive Housing Report (XLS) (must be submitted if Supportive Housing units are identified in Exhibit B of the HCD Regulatory Agreement):  SHMHP
  6. Schedule of Rental Income (XLS) refer to the "MHP" Income and Rent Limits:  SHMHP, GHI, HYMHP, TOD, FMTW, MHPDRP