Grants and Funding Program Forms

Each program operates with its own forms though some are used across programs. Check with your program representative if you are unable to locate a particular form for your program.

Mortgage Assistance

Owner-Occupied Rehabilitation

Project Development Loans

Quarterly and Annual Reports

Wage Income Calculations

Sample Documents

Mortgage Assistance

Owner-Occupied Rehabilitation/Replacement

Manufactured Housing

CDBG Annual Performance Reports (APR Forms)

APR Help Tools

2017-2018 What's New (PPT)

Webinar Trainings (MP4 Videos)


Contract Closeout Forms

Disaster Recovery Initiative (DRI)

Economic Development

Business Assistance

Microenterprise Assistance



Fiscal Forms

Setup and Completion Reports
Setup/Completion Report and Funds Request Webinar  (MP4 Video) 4/17/2015 Webinar
Setup/Completion Report and Funds Request Webinar  (MP4 Video) 4/28/2015 Webinar

General Conditions Clearance Checklists

Homebuyer Assistance

Income Calculation and Determination Guide

Appendix E - Self-Certification Forms

Appendix F - Sample Applications

Appendix G - Eligibility Determination Worksheets

Appendix H - Sample Format for Computing Tenant Share of Rent for Tenant Based Rental Assistance (TBRA)  (XLS)

Appendix I - Sample Verification Forms for Determining Annual (Gross) Incomes

Appendix J - Sample Verification Forms for Determining Part 5 Adjusted Incomes

Appendix K - Annual Recertification of Income Forms

Income Survey

Labor Standards Reporting


  • Please see Annual Performance Reports section.

Monitoring Checklists

Neighborhood Stabilization Program

Program Income (PI)

Program Income Reuse Agreement

Program Income Semi-Annual Reports

Program Income Waiver Request Forms

Program Income Supplement Activity Forms

Section 3

  • See Annual Performance Report section.

Authorizing Resolutions Not Used For Balance of State Regional Competition

2016 ESG:  Solicitation of Interest Forms

Solicitation of Interest forms were sent in January in order to identify local government AEs within the CoC Allocation and CoCs within the BoS Allocation willing to recommend providers for ESG funding.

Form fields on each of the documents listed below may be completed while open in your browser.  Once completed, the document may be printed with the data you entered.

  • HOME-2—Quarterly Performance Report - Revised 4/2013 (XLS)
  • HOME-2A—Quarterly Program Income Statement Report – Revised 10/2013 (XLS)
  • HOME-3—Project Funding Source Detail Listing - Revised 6/12/09 (DOC)
  • HOME-3A—County Code Listing - Revised 10/29/09 (DOC)
  • HOME-4—Administrative Drawdown Request - Revised 12/11/14 (DOC)
  • HOME-5—Project Drawdown Request - Revised 1/29/14 (DOC)
  • HOME-6—Homeownership Project Set-Up and Completion Report - Revised 12/11/14 (XLS)
  • HOME-7—Homeownership Assistance Rental Housing Project Set-up Report - Revised 1/29/14 (DOC)
  • HOME-8—Tenant Based Rental Assistance Project Set-up Report - Revised 6/19/15 (XLS)
  • HOME-10—FTHB Project Set-Up/Completion Report - Revised 12/11/14 (XLS)
  • HOME-11—Rental Project Set-Up/Completion Report - Revised 4/27/2018 (XLS)

State Recipients who have been awarded HOME funds for Program Activities are required to complete each of the following applicable checklists as part of setting up your Program contract (Standard Agreement):

  • General Setup Conditions Checklist (Contact HOME Program Representative.)


Annual Performance Reports (APR Forms)

  • Annual Performance Notification (DOC)
  • HOME Annual Performance Report 2017/2018 Workbook (XLS) - 5/23/18
  • 6 forms listed in this workbook are:

    • Tab 1: APR Matrix
    • Tab 2: Attachment A, Annual Program Income Statement
    • Tab 3: Attachment B, Minority Business Enterprise (MBE) and Women Business Enterprise (WBE)
    • Tab 4: Attachment D, Relocation and Real Property Acquisition
    • Tab 5: Attachment E, Demographic Analysis Report
    • Tab 6: Attachment F, Section 3 Summary Report

Stand-Alone Forms

APR Help Tools

Loan Closing Documents

Check the list for Publications and Loan Documents pertaining to all NOFAs.  See also Management Memos pertaining to the program.  Check the Notice of Funding Availability (NOFA) under which your loan was funded for additional information.

Important Notice: The Department of Housing and Community Development is providing the following sample loan documents for general information purposes only.  The Department reserves the right to make changes to its documents at any time prior to the closing of an individual loan.  Final loan documents will be modified to reflect the specific terms and conditions applicable to the particular loan and property.


Homeownership, including Manufactured Housing and owner-occupied rehabilitation – Single-Family Application (DOC) or (PDF)

All other rental projects – new construction or rehabilitation – Universal Application  (XLS)