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Division of Housing Policy Development

Phone Number: (916) 263-2911

Mission Statement: Develop, promote and implement innovative housing and community development policies, practices and partnerships to create and preserve affordable and healthy housing opportunities for all Californians.

Current Notices and Information Updates

Accessory Dwelling Units - NEW

The White House Weighs in on Housing Policy

Housing Policy and Practices Advisory Group

Release of the 2014 California Affordable Housing Cost Study - October 2014 - (Adobe PDF)

Policy Briefs (Policy Briefs)

Housing plays an influential role in a host of areas, including, for example, economic well-being, education, transportation, climate change, and public health. These policy briefs, prepared by HCD, provide an overview of key contributions of housing which synergistically further State public policy objectives. For more information, please click the icon above.

2015-2025 Statewide Housing Assessment


Housing Element Workshop Webinar Recordings
Annual Progress Report Webinar Recording – (Video/MP4)

Housing Element Guidance and Streamlined Review Option (Streamlining)

The Housing Element Update Guidance is intended to assist local governments and stakeholders with streamlined updates and HCD review for fifth cycle housing elements. HCD recognizes all levels of governments and stakeholders are facing resource challenges and this guidance seeks to create efficiencies and clarity for all parties in the housing element update process. While all local governments are still required to complete a housing element update, the Update Guidance is designed to reduce the number and scope of housing element submittals per jurisdiction and to focus resources on providing assistance to jurisdictions to ensure compliance and effectively addressing housing needs.


Housing element law, enacted in 1969, mandates that local governments adequately plan to meet the existing and project housing needs of all economic segments of the community. All California localities are required by Article 10.6 of the Government Code (section 65580-65590) to adopt housing elements as part of their general plans, and submit draft and adopted elements to the Department of Housing and Community Development (HCD) for review of compliance with State law. For additional information on Housing Elements and the Regional Housing Need Allocation, please click here.


Building Blocks for Effective Housing Elements online technical resource to assist local governments in updating housing elements

Housing Element Workshop Webinar Recordings

The following webinar recordings aim to assist local governments in drafting and adopting housing elements that effectively address housing needs and State housing law requirements. These recordings recap the information provided in HPD’s Housing Element Workshop presentations.

Refer to the following HCD Published Technical Assistance papers for more information on housing-related statutes and requirements.

HCD Published Housing Element Technical Assistance Papers

Technical Assistance Paper Description/Link Publish Date Applicable Statutory Citation Statute
Local Agency Surplus Land and Affordable Housing – (Adobe PDF) March 27, 2015 GC - 54220 - 54223

Chapter 677, Statutes of 2014 (Assembly Bill 2135) – (Adobe PDF)

Housing Element Updates and the 2014 San Joaquin Valley Fair Housing and Equity Assessment – (Adobe PDF) February 9, 2015 GC - 65583

GC - 65583

Option to Change Next Housing Element Updates from a 5-Year to a 8-Year Schedule – (Adobe PDF) August 29, 2014 GC § - 65588(e)(3)(C)

SB 375 (Chapter 728, Statutes of 2008) – (Adobe PDF)

HCD Memorandum – SB 745 – (Adobe PDF) April 24, 2014 GC § - 65582 SB 745 (Chapter 182, Statutes of 2013)
HCD Memorandum - SB 375 – (Adobe PDF)

Appendix A Related Resources – (Adobe PDF)

Appendix B Statute Amendments – (Adobe PDF)

Appendix C Jurisdiction Planning periods – (Adobe PDF)

Appendix D Frequently asked questions – (Adobe PDF)

October 4, 2013 GC - 65400
GC - 65883 (c)
GC - 65883 (f)
GC - 65884.04 (i)
GC - 65887(d)
GC - 65888(e)
SB 375 (Chapter 728, Statutes of 2008) – (Adobe PDF)
HCD Memorandum - Alternative Adequate Sites Amendments – (Adobe PDF)

AB 720, AB 1867 and AB 1103 amending the alternative adequate sites sections of State housing element law
August 24, 2012 GC
65582(h) and (i);
65583(a)(8); and
AB 720(Ch. 467, Statutes of 2009) – (Adobe PDF)

AB 1867(Ch. 367, Statutes of 2010) – (Adobe PDF)

AB 1103(Ch. 210, Statutes of 2011) – (Adobe PDF)
HCD Memorandum - SB 812 – (Adobe PDF)

Analysis of special housing needs for persons with developmental disabilities
June 21, 2012 GC 65583(a)(7) SB 812 (Ch. 507, Statutes of 2010) – (Adobe PDF)
HCD Memorandum-Default Density Standard Option (2010 Census Update) – (Adobe PDF) June 20, 2012 GC 65583.2(c)(3)(B) N/A see statutory reference for AB 2348 below.
HCD Memorandum - AB 162 – (Adobe PDF)

Applicability of amendment to safety and conservation elements of General Plan to element updates
September 16, 2009 GC 65302 AB 162 (Ch. 369, Statutes of 2007) – (Adobe PDF)
HCD Memorandum SB 2 – (Adobe PDF)

Zoning for emergency shelters, transitional housing, and supportive housing
May 7, 2008
Updated: April 19, 2013
GC 65589.5 SB2 (Ch. 633, Statutes of 2007) – (Adobe PDF)
HCD Memorandum - AB 1233 – (Adobe PDF)

Rezoning deadlines applicable to jurisdictions failing to make sites available in prior planning period
June 20, 2007 GC 65584.09 AB 1233 (Ch. 614, Statutes of 2005) – (Adobe PDF)
HCD Memorandum - SB 1087 – (Adobe PDF)

Water and sewer service priority for housing affordable to lower income households
May 22, 2006 GC 65589.7 SB 1087 (Ch. 633, Statutes of 2005) – (Adobe PDF)
HCD Memorandum - AB 2348 – (Adobe PDF)

Inventory and suitability of sites/default densities
June 9, 2005 GC 65583 AB 2348 (Ch 724 Statutes of 2004) – (Adobe PDF)
HCD Memorandum - AB 1866 – (Adobe PDF)

Second unit law and the creation of second units in meeting regional housing need
August 6, 2003 GC 65852.2 and 65583.1 AB 1866 (Ch. 1062, Statutes of 2002) – (Adobe PDF)
HCD Memorandum - SB 520 – (Adobe PDF)

Analysis of constraints on development of housing for persons with disabilities
June 17, 2002 GC 65583(a)(4) and 65583(c)(3) SB 520 (Ch. 671, Statutes of 2001) – (Adobe PDF)
Note: The highlighted links above provide statutory language as of the date legislation was enacted. You may also access a current copy of State housing element law.


Pursuant to Government Code Section 65400 Housing Element Annual Reports for the prior calendar year are due APRIL 1st of the subsequent year. Report forms and instructions are available online here.





Division of Housing Policy Development
California Department of Housing and Community Development
2020 W. El Camino, Suite 500
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P.O. Box 952053
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Main Line: (916) 263-2911
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HPD Staff Contact Information Phone Number
Lisa Bates – Deputy Director (916) 263-2911
Jennifer Seeger – Assistant Deputy Director (916) 263-7421
Margaret Keys – Librarian (916) 263-7448
Natalie Famini – Administrative Assistant (916) 263-2911
Harrison Anixter - Analyst (916) 263-8673
Tom Brinkhuis - Analyst (916) 263-6651
Melinda Coy - Specialist (916) 263-7425
Fidel Herrera - Analyst (916) 263-7441
Robin Huntley - Analyst (916) 263-7422
Megan Kirkeby Policy Research Specialist (916) 263-7428
Paul McDougall – Manager (916) 263-7420
Susan Naramore - Specialist II (916) 263-0371
Jess Negrete - Analyst (916) 263-7437
Greg Nickless - Analyst (916) 274-6244
George Rodine - Specialist II (916) 263-6105
Hilda Sousa - Analyst (916) 263-1784