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Housing Element Update Schedule and Regional Housing Need Assessment (RHNA)

Pursuant to Government Code (GC) 65584 applicable to the regional housing need assessment (RHNA) process, HCD is required to determine the RHNA, by income category, for Council Of Governments (COGs). RHNA is based on Department of Finance population projections and regional population forecasts used in preparing regional transportation plans. COGs are required to allocate to each locality a share of housing need totaling the RHNA for each income category. Pursuant to GC 65583, localities are required to update their housing element to plan to accommodate all of the RHNA share by income category. Applicable due dates for regional jurisdictions to update their housing elements (per GC 65588) are listed below based on amendments from enactment of the following legislation: SB 491 (2003 Statutes, Chapter 58), AB 2158 (2004 Statutes, Chapter 696), AB 1259 (2007 Statutes, Chapter 696), SB 375 (2008 Statutes, Chapter 728), and SB 575 (2009 Statutes, Chapter 354).

In updating their housing elements, local governments may credit units permitted since the start date of their region’s RHNA Projection Period as specified in the table.

Last updated: August 2014

Housing Element Update Schedule