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Raising the Roof- California Housing Development Projections and Constraints 1997-2020

Secretary Maria Contreras-Sweet of the Business, Transportation and Housing Agency on May 19, 2000 announced the availability of the publication, Raising the Roof, California's Housing Development Projections and Constraints, 1997-2020.

Press Release

This publication represents an update of the California Statewide Housing Plan (CSHP), undertaken to facilitate efforts addressing this State housing goal. Updates of the CSHP are published by the Department of Housing and Community Development (HCD) pursuant to Health and Safety Code Section 50450 et. seq., in phases. This update and the prior one provide perspective on the State's housing needs for subsequent policy development.

This update takes a county-by-county look at California's projected housing needs through the year 2020, the constraints to meeting those needs, and the possible consequences of not meeting them.

The document is comprised of two volumes. Volume One is the main report, divided into seven chapters. Volume Two is the Appendix containing several appendices, in Adobe Acrobat PDF format.

Volume One - Report


Volume Two - Appendix