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Housing Element Status and Annual Progress Report: Regulations Adopted

Online Annual Progress Reporting

Government Code Section 65400 requires each governing body (City Council or Board of Supervisors) to prepare an annual report on the status and progress in implementing the jurisdiction's housing element of the general plan using forms and definitions adopted by the Department of Housing and Community Development (Department).

The Department has completed the rulemaking process and the final regulatory package has been approved by the State's Office of Administrative Law. Please note pursuant to Government Code Section 65400 Housing Element Annual Reports are due APRIL 1 every year. If you have any questions regarding these regulations or forms, please contact Melinda Coy, of our staff at (916) 263-7425 or e-mail at

Housing Element Progress Report (APR) (4/30/2015) – (Adobe PDF)

Annual Progress Reporting Listing:

Annual Progress Reporting Listing (April 2015)

Please note: the posted reports, at this time, only include those received through mail and may not represent all the available APRs. The Department will continue to add more APRs over the next few months. If you do not see the APR you are looking for please contact us at (916) 263-2911.

For more information on the Housing Element Annul Report requirement please contact Melinda Coy of our staff at (916) 263-7425 or e-mail at