Public Notices and Hearings


  • To inform citizens of the jurisdiction’s opportunity to apply for CDBG grant funding and to expend existing and anticipated Program Income.
  • To obtain citizen input on which activities should be included in funding proposals and applications to the Department.
  • To provide a public review of program performance.


  • Public Notices
  • Public Hearings
  • Submittal of documentation of Notices and Hearings

Public Hearings

A public hearing is a public meeting that has been publicly noticed in a local newspaper of general circulation, or noticed in a fashion that otherwise follows local procedures for formal noticing of public hearings. Public hearings must include the formal processes of (1) wide and accessible public noticing, (2) hearing opening, (3) comments taken from the public and recorded into the hearing minutes, (4) hearing closing and (5) formal minutes from the hearing published and/or posted for public reference on the applicant’s website or in a public place with easy public access.

All hearings should be noticed as widely as possible and held at a time and place convenient to the public, with accommodations made for persons with disabilities. Where a significant number of limited-English speaking persons can reasonably be expected to participate, the notice must be in the appropriate language(s) and provision must be made for interpreters at the hearing.

All hearings should be noticed at least 10 days prior to being conducted (unless local policies are more restrictive). However, at a minimum, all public hearings must follow the requirements of the Brown Act of 2003 (applicable language at the end of this document). Public Notices should always contain the following information:

  1. The time and place of the hearing; and, D- 5
  2. The availability of a Public Information File about a program.
  3. The reason for the public hearing; topic(s) for which comments are being sought.
  4. All program topics to be discussed including both grant funded and program income funded activities.
  5. An invitation to submit written comments and guidance on where to send such comments.

In addition, specific public hearings require specific information in the Public Notice, as noted in the following sections.