Annual Progress Reports - Data Dashboard and Downloads

Each jurisdiction must prepare a Housing Elements Annual Progress Report (APR) on the jurisdiction’s status and progress in implementing its housing element. This report includes data on jurisdictions’ progress towards their housing goals, including data on all housing development applications, entitlements, building permits, and completions. Learn more about Annual Progress Report requirements. The dashboard below summarizes and display data submitted on the APR’s. Raw data is available for download below the dashboard window.

Housing Element Implementation and APR Dashboard


Annual Progress Report (APR) Downloads

Below are the tables from the APR from 2018 onward:

APR (Last Updated: 05/04/2022) Data Dictionary
Table A (Housing Development Applications Submitted) Table A Data Dictionary
Table A2 (Annual Building Activity Report Summary – New Construction, Entitled, Permits and Completed Units) Table A2 Data Dictionary
Table C (Sites Identified or Rezoned to Accommodate Shortfall Housing Need) Table C Data Dictionary
Table D (Program Implementation Status Pursuant to GC Section 65583) Table D Data Dictionary
Table E (Commercial Development Bonus Approved Pursuant to GC Section 65915.7) Table E Data Dictionary
Table F (Units Rehabilitated, Preserved and Acquired for Alternative Adequate Sites Pursuant to GC Section 65583.1(c)) Table F Data Dictionary
Table G (Locally Owned Lands Included in the Housing Element Sites Inventory That Have Been Sold, Leased, or Otherwise Disposed of) Table G Data Dictionary
Table H (Locally Owned Surplus Sites) Table H Data Dictionary
APR Metadata