Fee and Tax Waiver Program

Extended through December 31, 2020

Your home is your safety and security. Getting registration and title protects you and your family today and tomorrow.

The Register Your Mobilehome California: A Fee and Tax Waiver Program may be able to help.

You may be able to waive past due fees and taxes if:

  • Your mobilehome/manufactured home was registered with the California Department of Housing and Community Development (HCD) in the past by another owner, and
  • Your mobilehome/manufactured home was not previously registered in your name. (You are not eligible if you already have title and past registration.)

Determine if you're eligible for the Fee and Tax Waiver Program

Watch Our Video – Overview and Application Instructions Vea nuestro video - Descripción general e instrucciones de la aplicación

Watch our video (webinar recording) to learn more about the Register Your Mobilehome California "Fee and Tax Waiver" Program. In just 15 minutes, we guide you through the application process and answer commonly asked questions.

Vea nuestro video (grabación del seminario web) para obtener más información sobre el programa "Exención de Cargos e Impuestos" de Register Your Mobilehome California. En sólo 15 minutos, lo guiaremos a través del proceso de solicitud y responderemos las preguntas más frecuentes.


Mobilehome Owners have saved more than two million dollars


Visit one of HCD’s Registration and Titling Mobile Office Events for assistance with applying for the Fee and Tax Waiver Program.


  • HCD RT 476.4 – Certification of Retail Value and Purchase Price (PDF)
  • HCD RT 476.6G – Multi-Purpose Transfer Form (PDF)
  • HCD RT 476.6I – Statement of Facts - Bond (PDF)
  • HCD RT 480.0 – Bond or Undertaking Requirements for Manufactured Homes/Mobilehomes, Commercial Modulars, Truck Campers, and Floating Homes (PDF)
  • HCD RT 480.4 – Application for Duplicate Certificate of Title (PDF)
  • HCD RT 481.2 – Application for Duplicate Registration Card (PDF)