The State Administrative Agency (SAA) is required to submit monthly reports to the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD).

The reports must contain consumer complaint handling activities under Subpart L, which include:

  1. a description of all formal or informal Presentation of Views, and
  2. a description of all oversight activities.


In 1974, Congress passed the first federal law to establish a national program of construction standards for manufactured homes, then termed mobilehomes. The federal law charged HUD with the responsibility to adopt national preemptive procedural regulations and construction standards applying to manufacturers, dealers, and state and private enforcement agencies. HUD completed its work and adopted their procedural and enforcement regulations and construction standards on June 15, 1976. On and after June 15, 1976, all manufactured homes as defined in the law were required to be manufactured in compliance with the new HUD standards regardless of any preexisting state or local code.