DR-WD/MIT-PPS funds help local governments and nonprofits in impacted areas provide services and develop their workforces’ skills to help their economies develop and recover after disasters.

Program Overview

For the 2018 wildfire disasters, consulting with state and local stakeholders assisting, HCD to identify a need for public education and awareness related to risks and vulnerabilities and actions that can be taken to be better prepared for future disasters. Stakeholders also expressed a desire to conduct planning initiatives that examine how best to prioritize mitigation in future housing, infrastructure, and economic development investments. To this end, for the 2018 disasters, HCD created the Resilience Planning and Public Services (MIT-PPS) Program to assist local jurisdictions with mitigation-related planning and public services needs to support risk reduction from wildfire, flooding, and earthquake hazards. MIT-RIP funds eligible jurisdictions, non-profit entities, to create projects that address risks to, or across, community lifelines that support human health and safety and provide mitigation for individual and community-based systems.

The Workforce Development (DR-WD) program also supports this end, soliciting workforce development programs to deliver job training and a wide range of Supportive Services that are necessary to support activities intended to address economic revitalization as a part of disaster recovery in the 2018 impacted areas. DR-WD funds will help create or expand programs that address the unmet need for skilled labor and specialized training to benefit the state’s 2018 disaster recovery and rebuilding efforts and rebuild a skilled labor force needed to construct new housing and infrastructure projects in areas impacted by disasters.

DR-WD/MIT-PPS Executed Master Standard Agreements (MSAs) and Notices to Proceed (NTPs)

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