Mobilehome Assistance Center

Do you have any of the following questions or concerns?

• Are you concerned about possible health or safety issues in your mobilehome park like unsafe sewer, water, electrical, or gas conditions?
• Do you need assistance with the installation, inspection, maintenance, or alteration of manufactured homes, accessory structures, or park grounds?
• Do you suspect unlawful or unlicensed mobilehome sales practices by dealers or salespersons?
• Do you need information on the Mobilehome Residency Law and where to obtain assistance for lease or rent disputes with park management?
• Do you need assistance with your mobilehome ownership documents?
• Are you seeking compensation for a fraudulent mobilehome sale?
• Do you need information on local resources available to you?

We can help! Even if we can't help you directly, we can point you in the right direction.  


1-916-263-4742 (Sacramento area) / 1-800-952-5275 (Toll Free) / 1-800-735-2929 (TTD Number)



The Office of the Mobilehome Ombudsman
Mobilehome Assistance Center
California Department of Housing and Community Development
PO Box 31; Sacramento, CA 95812-0031

The Mobilehome Assistance Center cannot mediate or offer any legal advice. For legal advice, contact a licensed attorney, legal aid organization, or your local government official(s).


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