Mobilehome Park Forms

Below are forms that are required to be submitted to the California Department of Housing and Community Development to assist with park construction, alteration, and operation.

Permit to Construct Application — HCD MP 50 (PDF) 
Permit application to erect, construct, reconstruct, install, replace, relocate or alter any building, structure, accessory building or structure, or building component; any electrical, mechanical, or plumbing equipment; any fuel gas equipment and installations, or fire protection equipment; or installations of, or within, a park, or a lot, or perform grading. Three (3) copies of the form are required and one (1) of those copies must have an original signature from the park. Installations of MH-units or construction of accessory buildings or structures also require a Plot Plan (HCD 538) approved by the park.

Note: Form HCD MP 50 can be submitted to the Department via email to:

Exception: HCD does not accept large format plans via email. These plans must be submitted by mail or in person.

When submitted to HCD, the completed application must be accompanied by the appropriate fees. Payment must be in the form of a check or money order payable to the Department of Housing and Community Development. Payments can also be submitted through the Department’s C&S Online Services. Please note: you must have a DTN and a zip code to make a payment online. This information can be obtained by contacting the appropriate Area Office at (800) 952-8356 or or

Earthquake Resistant Bracing System (ERBS) installation application — HCD MP 50 ERBS (PDF) 
Permit application for the installation of ERBS within a park.

School Impact Fee Certification — HCD MP 502 (PDF) 
Certification form to verify the payment of school impact fees when required by local ordinance. These fees are only applicable in parks constructed after September 1, 1986. They are not applicable to new installations for the replacement of existing homes in parks.

Alternate Approval Application — HCD MP 511 (PDF) 
This form is used to request approval of alternates that meet the equivalent requirements of the regulations.

Standard Plan Approval Application — HCD MP 520 (PDF) 
Application for Department approval of statewide plans for repeated installation of accessory buildings or structures, foundation systems, and engineered tiedown systems.

Plot Plan — HCD 538 (PDF) 
Dimensioned plot plan required for the installation of MH-units and accessory buildings or structures. Three (3) copies of the form are required and one (1) of those copies must have an original signature from the park.

Flood Plain Ordinance Compliance Certification for Manufactured Home Installations — HCD 547 (PDF) 
This form is submitted to and filled out by, the local floodplain management agency when the local jurisdiction has passed a floodplain ordinance.

Permit To Operate — HCD MP 500 (PDF)  
When HCD is the enforcement agency, use this application to request a Permit to Operate a mobilehome or special occupancy park or to change the name, address, or park information on the current permit. Local approvals are required for the increase or decrease in the number of lots, or for a change in lot status (i.e., RV to MH lots). If your park is under local jurisdiction, contact your local enforcement agency to amend the Permit to Operate information.

Fire Hydrant Test and Certification Report — HCD 532 (PDF)  
Required form for the certification of private fire hydrants in mobilehome and special occupancy parks.

Application for State Public Benefits — HCD Benefits Status Form 1 (PDF)  
Statement of Citizenship, Alienage, and Immigration Status. This form is required under federal law and is necessary prior to an individual operating a mobilehome or special occupancy park. It only needs to be completed one time.