Fire Sprinkler Systems

Manufactured homes (MH), mobilehomes (M), and multifamily manufactured housing (MFMH) are constructed and installed under preemptive State and federal standards.

These standards, however, do not address the installation of fire sprinkler (FS) systems.

Information for Manufactured Homes, Mobilehomes and Multifamily Manufactured Housing

As a result, regulations CA Code Regs., T25, § 4300 through § 4324 (PDF) were approved establishing preemptive requirements for the design and installation of FS systems for new and used MH/M and MFMH containing two dwelling units.

  • The regulations do not apply to MFMH containing more than two dwelling units.

State regulations provide requirements for plan approval, inspection, testing, and installation of FS systems. The regulations establish specific standards for types of materials, installation instructions, construction methods, workmanship, information labels, and testing requirements, and preempt all other local government requirements that establish standards for the design and installation of FS systems in MH/M and MFMH.

  • The regulations do not mandate the installation of FS systems in MH/M or MFMH.

Requirements apply to the installation of FS systems in MH/M and MFMH and apply only in the following circumstances:

  • When FS systems are required by the local authority having jurisdiction over any FS system installation in any residential unit that could be built on the same site;
  • Where the purchaser, dealer, or owner elects to install a FS system in a new or existing MH/M or MFMH located in California.

Prior to shipment of a home containing a FS system, the factory is required to affix, inside the water heater compartment, a Fire Sprinkler System Information and Installer Certification label that provides detailed information for the on-site installer and homeowner use. Additionally, a reference tag must be affixed permanently to the fire sprinkler system riser.