Executive Team

Director Gustavo Velasquez

Gustavo Velasquez


Chief Deputy Director Zack Olmstead

Zachary Olmstead

Chief Deputy Director

Deputy Director of Administration and Management Matt Schueller

Matt Schueller

Deputy Director, Administration and Management

Deputy Director of Communications Monica Hernandez

Monica Hernandez

Deputy Director, Communications

Deputy Director of Codes and Standards Kyle Krause

Kyle Krause

Deputy Director, Codes and Standards

Jennifer Seeger

Deputy Director, Financial Assistance — State Programs

Deputy Director, Financial Assistance Sasha Hauswald

Sasha Hauswald

Deputy Director, Financial Assistance — Federal Programs

Deputy Director of Housing Policy Development Megan Kirkeby

Megan Kirkeby

Deputy Director, Housing Policy Development

Deputy Director of Organizational Development Janeen Dodson

Janeen Dodson

Deputy Director, Organizational Development

General Counsel/Deputy Director of Legal Affairs Ryan Seeley

Ryan Seeley

General Counsel/Deputy Director, Legal Affairs

Deputy Director Legislation Pedro Galvao

Pedro Galvao

Deputy Director, Legislation