Income Calculation and Determination Guide for Federal Programs, First Edition July 2010

Appendix A — Glossary of Terms (DOC)

Appendix B — Annual Income Inclusions and Exclusions (DOC)

Appendix C — Asset Inclusions and Exclusions (DOC)

Appendix D — CDBG Matrix for Income Qualification Methods (DOC)

Appendix E — Self-Certification Forms

Appendix F — Sample Applications

Appendix G — Eligibility Determination Worksheets

Appendix H — Sample Format for Computing Tenant Share of Rent for Tenant Based Rental Assistance (TBRA) Excel download (XLS)

Appendix I — Sample Verification Forms for Determining Annual (Gross) Incomes

Appendix J — Sample Verification Forms for Determining Part 5 Adjusted Incomes

Appendix K — Annual Recertification of Income Forms

Appendix L