Infrastructure and Resilient Infrastructure Program

DR-INF/MIT-RIP funds helps local governments (Subrecipients) in impacted areas rebuild their communities’ infrastructure in a more resilient manner to withstand future natural disasters. 

Program Overview

CDBG-DR-Infrastructure (DR-INF) projects are funded to assist with meeting the unmet infrastructure needs of eligible local communities. It provides funding for FEMA Public Assistance (PA) match projects, FEMA Hazard Mitigation Grant Program (HMGP) match projects, other non-FEMA match projects, and stand-alone projects identified by eligible communities.

Depending on how HUD provides mitigation funding to HCD, communities eligible for DR-INF funds may also apply for Resilient Infrastructure Program (MIT-RIP) funds. MIT-RIP funds are intended to assist local jurisdictions with mitigation-related infrastructure needs to support risk reduction from wildfire, flooding, and earthquake hazards. Projects eligible for MIT-RIP funding must address risks to a variety of systems and structures to enable continuous operations of critical business and government functions during future disasters and improve responses for human health and safety or economic security.

2017 DR-INF/MIT-RIP Executed Master Standard Agreements (MSAs) and Notices to Proceed (NTPs)

Below are the DR-INF/MIT-RIP MSAs and NTPs for the 2017 Program:

2018 DR-INF/MIT-RIP Master Standard Agreements (MSAs) and Notices to Proceed (NTPs)

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