Disability Advisory Committee

The Disability Advisory Committee (DAC) is comprised of HCD employees who serve as an advisory body to the Director and the EEO Office in an effort to enhance employment and promotional opportunities, as well as, equal treatment and access to services and benefits for HCD employees with disabilities.*


The DAC focuses its efforts on the following topics:

  • Promoting disability employment awareness
  • Promoting ideas and feedback related to HCD efforts to recruit, retain, and advance individuals with disabilities
  • Enhancing health and safety
  • Maintain representation and participation on the State Disability Advisory Council (SDAC)

2024 Committee Members

  • Jenny Geminder, Chair
  • Secretary (Rotational)
  • Pamela Hoyt
  • Leeann Maxwell
  • Melissa Hoge
  • Kelly Albrecht

Meeting Location

Meetings are held virtually via Microsoft Teams platform. Link to virtual meeting is included in meeting agenda.

* The Disability Advisory Committee is mandated by Government Code Section 19795(b).

2024 Meeting Agendas and Minutes

DatesAgendaMeeting Minutes
July 2024Agenda (PDF)Meeting Minutes (PDF)
May 2024Agenda (PDF)Meeting Minutes (PDF)
March 2024Agenda (PDF)Meeting Minutes (PDF)
January 2024Agenda (PDF)Meeting Minutes (PDF)
DatesAgendaMeeting Minutes
November 2023Agenda (PDF)Meeting Minutes (PDF)
July 2023Agenda (PDF)Meeting Minutes (PDF)
May 2023 - Meeting canceledAgenda (PDF)n/a
March 2023Agenda (PDF)Meeting Minutes (PDF)
January 2023Agenda (PDF)Meeting Minutes (PDF)
November 2022Agenda (PDF)Meeting Minutes (PDF)
September 2022Agenda (PDF)Meeting Minutes (PDF)
July 2022Agenda (PDF)Meeting Minutes (PDF)
May 2022Agenda (PDF)Meeting Minutes (PDF)
April 2022 - Meeting canceledAgenda (PDF)n/a
March 2022Agenda (PDF)Meeting Minutes (PDF)
February 2022Agenda (PDF)Meeting Minutes (PDF)
January 2022Agenda (PDF)Meeting Minutes (PDF)
December 2021 - Meeting canceledAgenda (PDF)n/a
November 2021Agenda (PDF)Meeting Minutes (PDF)
October 2021 - Meeting canceledAgenda (PDF)n/a
September 2021Agenda (PDF)Meeting Minutes (PDF)
August 2021Agenda (PDF)Meeting Minutes (PDF)
July 2021Agenda (PDF)Meeting Minutes (PDF)
June 2021Agenda (PDF)Meeting Minutes (PDF)
May 2021Agenda (PDF)Meeting Minutes (PDF)
April 2021 - Meeting canceledAgenda (PDF)n/a
March 2021Agenda (PDF)Meeting Minutes (PDF)
February 2021Agenda (PDF)Meeting Minutes (PDF)
January 2021Agenda (PDF)Meeting Minutes (PDF)
December 2020Agenda (PDF)Meeting Minutes (PDF)
November 2020Agenda (PDF)Meeting Minutes (PDF)
October 2020Agenda (PDF)Meeting Minutes (PDF)
September 2020Agenda (PDF)Meeting Minutes (PDF)
August 2020Agenda (PDF)Meeting Minutes (PDF)
July 2020Agenda (PDF)Meeting Minutes (PDF)
June 2020Agenda (PDF) 
Meeting Materials (PDF)
Meeting Minutes (PDF)
May 2020Agenda (PDF)Meeting Minutes (PDF)
March 17, 2020Agenda (PDF)Meeting Minutes (PDF)
February 18, 2020Agenda (DOC)Meeting Minutes (PDF)
January 20, 2020Agenda (PDF)Meeting Minutes (PDF)