Annual Progress Reports (APRs)

Since 1969, California has required that all local governments (cities and counties) adequately plan to meet the housing needs of everyone in the community. California’s local governments meet this requirement by adopting housing plans (aka housing elements) as part of their “general plan” (also required by the state). General plans serve as the local government’s "blueprint" for how the city and/or county will grow and develop and include seven elements: land use, transportation, conservation, noise, open space, safety, and housing.

Each jurisdiction (city council or board of supervisors) must prepare an annual progress report (APR) on the jurisdiction’s status and progress in implementing its housing element using forms and definitions adopted by the California Department of Housing and Community Development (HCD). (Government Code Section 65400.)

Each jurisdiction’s APR must be submitted to HCD and the Governor’s Office of Planning and Research (OPR) by April 1 of each year (covering the previous calendar year (CY).

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New APR form and instructions - for calendar years 2018 through 2020

AB 879 and SB 35 of the 2017 Housing Package, as well as AB 1486 (2019), and AB 1233 (2020) added new data requirements for the Housing Element Annual Progress Reports (APRs). These changes are reflected in the new APR form and instructions, which are posted below.

To submit the new APR form to HCD and OPR:

  • Online Annual Progress Reporting System : This allows jurisdictions to upload directly into HCD’s database, eliminating the risk of errors. To use the online system, email, and request login information for your jurisdiction. Please note: using the online system only provides the information to HCD. The APR must still be submitted to OPR through
  • Email: Jurisdictions can email the new APR form to and to When using the email method, send the electronic version as an Excel workbook attachment. Do not send a scanned copy of the form. Sending APRs via email will count as a submittal. Please note: Government Code section 65400 also requires the submittal of a General Plan Annual Progress Report to both OPR and HCD. These can be emailed as above.

If you have any questions regarding the APR form or instructions, please contact HCD at

Tools to help with APR completion

  • New! Webinar (YouTube) – Recorded 1/27/2020. Topics covered included: general overview, walkthrough of tables, new requirements, how to submit, new features of form.
  • Affordability Calculator (XLS) – For APRs through CY 2020
  • Table F Checklist (PDF) – Use to determine if units qualify for RHNA credit.

Prior APR form and instructions – for APRs covering CY 2017 and prior years

For APRs covering CY 2017 and prior years, please email HCD at to request the prior form and instructions.

To submit the prior APR form to HCD and OPR:

  • Online system: Jurisdictions may submit prior year APRs online using the Online Annual Progress Reporting system . This is HCD’s preferred method of submission and reduces the possibility of data entry errors.
  • Email: Jurisdictions can email the prior APR form to and to When using the email method, send the electronic version as an Excel workbook attachment. Do not send a scanned copy of the form. Sending APRs via email will count as a submittal.

APR Dashboard - Housing Element Open Data Project

Annual Progree Report Dashboard button

  • New! APR Dashboard – View all APR data in one place and reformatted as easy-to-use graphs and charts with built-in filters for information customization.
  • New! APR Data Download Portal – Download the raw data from APRs submitted since 2018.
  • Housing Element Implementation Tracker (XLS) — Updated 06/25/2019 — Shows detailed status of cities and counties' housing plans (housing elements). Also shows whether cities and counties have zoned enough land for housing, whether they have adequately planned for emergency shelters and housing with supportive services, and whether they have submitted their Annual Progress Reports.
  • 5th Cycle Annual Progress Report Permit Summary (XLS) — Updated 10/6/2020 — Shows how well cities and counties are progressing toward meeting their housing goals. Every April, cities and counties must submit Annual Progress Reports for the prior year, showing whether they are on-track to meet their housing needs. Progress is measured by how many housing construction permits they have issued at various income levels.
  • New! APR Dashboard – etc.
    • New! New! Webinar – Recorded 05/04/2021 – A guided tour of our APR Dashboard, with an exploration of the available data, timelines for updates, and a question and answer session.
    • New! Webinar Slides – Updated 05/04/2021 – Slides for the recorded Webinar.

SB 35 Implementation