How To Begin

The Owner-Occupied Rehabilitation and Reconstruction Program (OOR) is designed to address homeowners’ unmet rehabilitation and reconstruction needs within federally declared disaster areas.

Grants of up to $500,000 for eligible disasters are available to cover unmet needs remaining if insurance, SBA loans, FEMA, legal settlement, and other resources do not fully cover the cost of rebuilding a home.

How Do Households Apply?

  1. Interested households should fill out an online survey.

  2. Case managers will review surveys and prioritize households by income, location, and severity of damage into one of eight tiers.

  3. The application will open in phases, starting with Tier 1 and followed by subsequent tiers until the funding is expended. Survey respondents in each phase will be invited to complete an application.

Case managers are working with eligible applicants right now. Please contact the Program if you have any further questions.

To be considered for the ReCoverCA Homeowner program, you must first take our program survey. Once the survey is complete, your situation will be evaluated.

Please note that the survey is closed and that the survey itself is not an application and does not determine award eligibility.

Process & Timeline

What Are the Steps for Homeowners?

Step 1:  Start by registering with eGrants for 2017 or 2018 Disasters.

Step 2:  Complete the Disaster Housing Assistance Survey electronically by selecting either the 2017 or 2018 survey below or download a copy of the survey – English (PDF) / Spanish (PDF) complete manually, and mail, fax, or email to HCD.

Step 3:  Survey response is accepted and reviewed.

Step 4:  Survey is placed into the appropriate Applicant Prioritization Tier (PDF).

Step 5:  Tiers 1-4 survey respondents are contacted by their assigned case manager to begin the program application process (Note: The program will prioritize and process applications by the applicant prioritization tiers until all program funds are exhausted.)



Complete survey.



Surveys are sorted into priority tiers.



Homeowners are invited to complete an application based on their priority tier.



Eligibility is determined.



Damage is assessed and environmental review performed.



Scope of work is approved and work begins.

Program Application Resources

For more information, visit Program Resources.