Program Forms/Reporting Requirements

Note: These templates, or samples, do not dictate the ultimate form of an entity’s resolution or loan authorization. Rather, they merely show the elements that HCD will check when making a determination of legal sufficiency. Each entity should consult with professional legal counsel during the development of its own formal, legally binding authorization document.

Tier 1 Standard Agreement Exhibits

Tier 2 Standard Agreement Exhibits

Reporting Requirements

In addition to the reports required in connection with the Existing HCD Commitment, Sponsor shall annually submit a report that details and certifies to the Department the following:

  • Project met all terms and conditions recorded in its regulatory agreement and any Department covenants;
  • no change in ownership or amendments to the organizational documents of the project has occurred during the reporting period;
  • no tax credits, tax-exempt bond funds, or federal grants or loans with interest rates below the applicable federal rate have been used in the project since it was placed-in-service;
  • Services specified in the regulatory agreement were provided to the tenants during the reporting period; and
  • The project met all the terms and conditions, and is not currently in default, of any lender financing to the project.

Sponsor shall also submit such other periodic reports as deemed necessary by the Department to monitor compliance with the regulatory agreement and all Program requirements. Such reports include, without limitation, a schedule of rental income, in form and substance satisfactory to the Department.

Sponsor shall also duly submit all information required by the U.S. Department of the Treasury, which administers the federal funds allocated to Housing Accelerator Fund.