Jobs-Housing Balance Incentive Grants

This program was revised by legislation (Senate Bill 423).  The revised Jobs Housing Balance Incentive Grant (JHB) was a $25 million, one-time grant funding for cities and counties that met the terms and conditions of the previous JHB program for the 2001 calendar year.  The program rewarded the production of residential units by permit activity that exceeded the threshold as established in the guidelines.  Please refer to the previous guidelines for more information.

Provided financial incentives to cities and counties that increase issuance of new residential building permits.

Assistance Type and Terms

Grants were based on an increase in the grantees' issuance of residential building permits during calendar 2001, compared to the average number of permits during the most recent measurable 36-month period prior to 2001. Applicant areas were weighted for high, medium or low employment demand (i.e., available jobs).  It estimated awards would be $1,300 per residential permit issued in High Employment Demand, $900 for Medium Employment Demand, and $500 for Low Employment Demand areas.

Eligible Activities

Incentive grants could be used for any capital asset project, service, or other local need determined by the recipient city, county, or city and county to be in the community's best interest.

Eligible Applicants

Cities and counties with housing elements adopted by the end of 2001 that the Department of Housing and Community Development determined to be in substantial compliance with housing element law, and which issued residential building permits exceeding a specified threshold number.

Application Process

A Notice of Funding Availability (NOFA) for the revised, one-time program was issued on January 24, 2003. For information, visit NOFAs and Awards.