How To Apply

The Department has published Super NOFA Application Revised June 30, 2022 with critical items necessary to update. The previous version of the application (dated June 10, 2022) will not be accepted unless repaired by the Department. To prevent the need for applicant data re-entry, the Department will make the formula corrections directly to your in-process application. The in-process application submitted to the Department for correction must be the June 10, 2022 version.

All applicants who have begun to complete their application must either submit the Super NOFA Excel application document for a 24-hour repair process or complete the Super NOFA Application Revised June 30, 2022. To submit for corrections, email any in-process Super NOFA Excel application to using a subject line “Application Update.” The application will be returned within 24 hours of receipt. Applicants are required to submit either a corrected June 10, 2022 version or the Application Revised June 30, 2022, with all supporting documentation by the application due date via the Super NOFA Application Portal (SNAP).

NEW Super NOFA Application Portal Instructions with Visual Aids (PDF)

  • To access the Super NOFA Application Portal (Portal), users must first register here.
  • Once a user is registered, a username and password will be provided to log into the Portal.
  • The Portal allows user to begin a Super NOFA Application Submission and is used to upload all required documents, including the Super NOFA Application 6/30/22 Version 3 (XLSM) NEW.
  • To view an in progress or submitted application, users must click on “Requests” and select the “SNAP Request” option.
  • Refer to the Super NOFA Application Document Checklist for the list of applicable and/or required documents to be uploaded along with the application.
  • Users have the option to upload multiple documents as a group of files and are not limited to uploading each file individually.
  • All user work, including application inputs and uploads, within an individual session is saved. This means, users will be able to continue working on the same application the next time they sign in.
  • Users may have more than one application in process, and saved, in this Portal.
  • The Portal allows individual users access to all of their saved or submitted Super NOFA applications. Users will be able to access and make changes to a saved or submitted application up until the application deadline of July 12, 2022, at 4:00 PT.
  • Once a user has uploaded the required documents, they can Submit an Application.
  • Users will not be permitted to make any further changes to the application after the application submission deadline of July 12, 2022.
  • Applications from multiple users from the same organization for the same project will not be permitted.
  • For further questions about the Super NOFA application, please contact HCD staff at