Residents Envision Bright Future at Imagine Village II

March 7, 2024
Pablo, Devany and their children at the grand opening celebration.

Pablo, Devany and their children at the grand opening celebration.

Devany and her boyfriend Pablo received a special gift on Valentine’s Day – they were able to move into their new home.

“It is like falling in love all over again,” said Devany. “We never had a home of our own. This is our first.” 

Devany, Pablo, and their children moved into Imagine Village II on February 13. After sleeping on couches and enduring budget challenges, she said they finally found a place to call home.

“We are grateful for the opportunity to create a space where our family can thrive,” said Devany at the grand opening celebration less than two weeks after moving in. 

Imagine Village II is a new supportive affordable housing community in Lancaster. Funded by more than $5.4 million from the Department of Housing and Community Development’s Supportive Housing Multi-Family Housing Program (SHMHP), Imagine Village II provides 80 homes for individuals and families, many of whom have experienced homelessness. In all, SHMHP has provided funds for the construction or rehabilitation of 667 homes.  

A project of Abbey Road and Penny Lane Centers, Imagine Village II is located near transit, schools, health facilities and businesses and provides its residents with on-site services including primary health and mental health care, education, and employment assistance.  

“(Imagine Village) has given us a peace that we have never had,” said Pablo. “We are able to focus on other things like schooling, and we can work on our careers. Because of the opportunities of this building, we are able to execute those life goals that we have.”

Another resident, Vincent, said he also feels blessed with his new home at Imagine Village II. Several years ago, Vincent lost him apartment after an accident broke both his legs and shattered his ankle.

“I was run over in a parking lot and ended up in a hospital for four months,” said Vincent. “After I was discharged, I had no place to go.”

Vincent spent months living in motels and shelters while he persevered daily to find a permanent home. A stroke that placed him in a wheelchair also presented the additional challenge of finding an accessible living space. Finally, he found a home at Imagine Village II that he says is spacious and allows him to access counters and cabinets and maneuver well with his wheelchair. 

“All those struggles I went through to get here is way behind me now. I am starting new,” said Vincent. “I have an apartment and I don’t have to worry about being outside and being cold. It is a relief.”

View the video below to hear from Devany, Pablo and Vincent.

Devany, Pablo and Vincent are residents of newly opened Imagine Village II, an HCD-funded housing community in Lancaster. Hear how their new home gives them hope and peace for the future.