Success Stories: Nicolette

HCD’s programs change lives. Meet Nicolette, whose home was made possible through funding from our Multifamily Housing Program and with Mercy Housing California.
May 6, 2021


Nicolette says she moved a lot as a child and knows first-hand the impact moving around can have on kids. With concern in her eyes she says her son, at the age of six, has lived in seven different places. When a college classmate of Nicolette directed her toward Mercy Housing for help, she was surprised to learn that she and her children would be getting a permanent home and so much more.

“They really are creating a community here. It’s not just an apartment complex. It’s not just somewhere we rent from. they really want to give people that feeling of belonging and community and acceptance, and, you know, it’s really a beautiful thing…especially when you haven’t always had that.”

Nicole and her two children have lived in their home for four and a half years now and is happy to report her children are thriving.

View Nicolette's video.