Monitoring Forms and Disbursement

This page contains information and resources for in-contract grantees of any of the three rounds of the Homekey program to perform reporting requirements and request disbursement of funds. For any questions regarding a disbursement of funds or in regards to your Program requirements after execution of your Standard Agreement, please contact your assigned State Grant Management Representative or reach out to the respective Program Rounds’ inbox listed below.

Once you receive your executed Standard Agreement, please refer to it to determine any additional pre-disbursement and reporting requirements.


For questions regarding disbursement, reporting, milestones, or any issues after the execution of the Standard Agreement:


Funds can be requested for disbursement after the Standard Agreement has been fully executed and approved by the Department, and the conditions precedent to disbursement listed in the Standard Agreement (if applicable) have been met.

In addition to the specific conditions for disbursement set by your Standard Agreement, the Department requires a certification of California’s prevailing wage law (NOFA §506), a Department-approved Relocation Plan or Department-issued Certification Regarding Non-Application of Relocation Benefits and Indemnification Agreement (NOFA §504), and evidence of insurance (NOFA §800), to be on file before disbursement of Homekey award funds. We encourage Grantees to submit these forms to their State Grant Management Representative or to the respective inbox as early as possible to prevent potential delays in receiving award funds.

All Rounds Disbursement Resources

Homekey Round 3 Disbursement Forms

Submit Round 3 documents to your Grant Management Representative or to

Homekey Round 2 Disbursement Forms

Submit Round 2 documents to your Grant Management Representative or to

  • Request for Funds Form (XLS) — Last updated 11/22/2022
  • Budget Flexibility Form (XLS) — Last updated 2/8/2022. Fill out this form if you plan to use a capital expenditure award for your project’s operating costs, or an operating award to fund a capital expenditure per NOFA Section 209.

For Homekey Rounds 2 and 3, Grantees shall submit an annual Homekey Program and Expenditure Report to the Department for five years on January 31 of each year following Standard Agreement execution.

Additionally, the Grantee shall submit to the Department such periodic reports, updates, and information as deemed necessary by the Department to monitor compliance and/or perform program evaluation.

Each time a milestone is completed, fill out the Milestone Reporting sections of the report and extension workbook and submit the forms to your grant representative to notify the Department.

If you may need an extension to any of the milestone deadlines or need to notify the Department of other project changes, fill out the relevant sections of the workbook to explain the circumstances and provide new completion dates if applicable. Requests for deadline extensions are subject to Department approval.

All Rounds Reporting Forms

All completed forms should be submitted to your assigned State Grant Management Representative.

Homekey Round 3 Reporting Forms

  • Round 3 Annual Report Form – Coming Soon

Homekey Round 2 Reporting Forms

All completed forms should be submitted to your assigned State Grant Management Representative for Homekey Round 2.

Homekey Round 1 Reporting Forms

  • Grantee Expenditure & Program Report (XLSM) - Last Updated 6/22/2023 — The deadline for expending Operating Subsidy funds has been extended to June 30, 2023. Any grantee with remaining operating subsidy funds must submit a report on January 31, 2023 and July 31, 2023 or until funds are fully expended.
  • All completed forms should be submitted to your assigned State Grant Management Representative for the Homekey Round 1 program.