family moving into a new home.
December 4, 2023
Sacramento, CA —  

Resources are still available to help California homeowners affected by the 2017 and 2018 wildfires and other natural disasters rebuild their homes. However, the deadline to apply for these funds is quickly approaching.

Many victims of…

Photo of HCD Deputy Director Sasha Hauswald standing at a podium and speaking in front of Laurel at Perennial Park housing complex.
November 16, 2023
Santa Rosa, CA —  

Barbara King lost her home in the Tubbs Fire that tore through California communities from Calistoga to Santa Rosa in October 2017.

“Your house was over there and now it’s gone,” said King. “Everything…everything that I had in the world was…

Newsroom Default Image
January 20, 2023

Mobilehome/manufactured homeowners affected by a California natural disaster, such as a wildfire, earthquake, or flood/storm, can receive assistance from HCD to obtain title and registration forms, salvage forms, and permits for repairs or…

HCD and City of Paradise Officials
December 28, 2022

Hours after the 2018 Camp Fire ravaged the Town of Paradise, town residents and leaders gathered in the early morning to discuss recovery and rebuilding. And now a few years later, Paradise is stronger than ever with a clear vision for the future…