Emergency Housing and Assistance Program Operating Facility Grants (EHAP)

Provide operating facility grants for emergency shelters, transitional housing projects, and supportive services for homeless individuals and families.

Assistance Type and Terms

Each county receives a formula grant allocation.  Twenty (20) percent of the total allocation is available to non-urban counties, and eighty (80) percent to urban counties.

Eligible Activities

Providing direct client housing, including facility operations and administration, residential rent assistance, leasing or renting rooms for provision of temporary shelter, capital development activities of up to $20,000 per site, and administration of the award (limited to 5 percent).

Eligible Applicants

Local government agencies and nonprofit corporations that shelter the homeless on an emergency or transitional basis, and provide support services.

Application Process

This program is no longer accepting applications. View previous Notices of Funding Awards (NOFAs) or Awards.