Office of Migrant Services (OMS)

Provide safe, decent, and affordable seasonal rental housing and support services for migrant farmworker families during the peak harvest season.

Assistance Type

Grants to local government agencies that contract with the Department of Housing and Community Development (HCD) to operate OMS centers located throughout the state. HCD obtains and administers funds for the construction and rebuilding of centers.


Counties, housing authorities, and grower associations typically provide land for migrant centers as an in-kind contribution. HCD owns the structures. Child day care and after-school support services are typically available. Tenants are charged a subsidized, affordable daily rent.

HCD contracts annually with local operating agencies and provides grants for OMS center operation, paid from the State General Fund and from OMS rental income. Occupancy is normally limited to six (6) months per year.

Eligible Activities

Construction, rehabilitation, maintenance, and operation of seasonal rental housing for migrant farm workers.

Eligible Applicants

Local government agencies, housing authorities, nonprofit corporations, school districts, and health agencies.

Application Process

Funds to operate, maintain and rehabilitate existing centers are budgeted and contracted annually. No new applications are being accepted.

Emergency Shelter Program

Per Health and Safety Code § 50715, and with OMS approval, OMS Migrant centers may be made available as emergency shelter, pursuant to Health and Safety Code Chapter 11.5 § 50800, only during the months of November to March, inclusive. See the links below for more information.